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Nuke - Insane Caffeine

Nuke - Insane Caffeine

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Introducing "Nuke" by Dead City Coffee, a flavor bomb set to revolutionize your coffee experience. Dive into the rich embrace of dark chocolate, feel the robust crunch of roasted almonds, and brace yourself for the explosive burst of citrus zest. It's not just a coffee; it's a super-high caffeine kick, a palate-shaking adventure that will redefine your expectations.

With every sip of Nuke, you're not just tasting coffee; you're embarking on a journey through intense flavors that leave an indelible mark. What sets Nuke apart is its powerful caffeine surge, a wake-up call like no other. The dark chocolate, roasted almonds, and citrus zest create a symphony of tastes that defies the ordinary, while the super-high caffeine content propels you into a day filled with unparalleled energy and focus. Embrace the intensity, savor the complexity, and let Nuke be the bold companion that turns your daily coffee ritual into an unforgettable experience of both taste and vigor. Get ready to unleash the power of Nuke and elevate your coffee game to a whole new level.


SIZE: 10oz Bag 

ROAST: Light

FLAVOR: Dark Chocolate, Almonds, Citrus Zest

BODY: Full


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