Wake The Dead

Let's Breakdown Who We Are

Dead City is where coffee meets rebellion, encapsulated by our iconic skull and machetes logo. With a strong background in the craft cocktail industry and a rich history in the music scene, we bring a unique twist to the world of coffee. But we're more than just a coffee brand; we're deeply intertwined with the music we grew up around. From supporting bands to being a prominent presence at concerts, we're here to fuel your fearless spirit with every sip and every beat. Join us in this extraordinary journey where caffeine and music merge to create an unforgettable experience.

Heavy Metal Devil Water

It's not just coffee; it's a caffeinated mosh pit for your senses.

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  • Reason #1

    You buy cheap coffee because that's what Dad did, and you don't even like your Dad.

  • Reason #2

    You add so much cream and sugar that you've turned your coffee into a milkshake.

  • Reason #3

    You're scared to use enough coffee. Coffee isn't a monster, you are.

Are you a business owner?

Hey there, fearless collaborators! We're all ears and a strong cup of coffee away from diving into co-branding shenanigans. Let's brew up some marketing magic!

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Are you a band who survives on coffee and broken dreams?

Strike a chord with us and let's riff on some sick sponsorships – your music, our coffee, a symphony of destruction awaits!


Are you a retailer?

Dead City craves the stage, and perhaps your store is next in line to host our caffeinated metal mayhem. Join forces with us in this headbanging coffee journey!

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