Dead City Coffee red tye dye shirt

Glacier Valley Music Fest 2023

In a tiny city outside of Pardeeville, Wisconsin known as Cambria, there's a music festival that's been going on for 8 years. This isn't just any music festival, by no means. It is a weekend filled with camping, food, hand crafted goods, camaraderie, and plenty of beverages, including Dead City Coffee.


The campground was absolutely packed, all campsites that I could see were all full, and the massive field in the back was packed with tents, cars, vendors, and a massive stage. There were multiple vendors slinging tye dye garb, including pajamas with butt flaps. If there's one thing you didn't realize you needed...

We enjoyed being ready for the weekend and had a nice night in the tent under the stars Thursday evening, hoping for sweet sweet nightmares.


Dead City Coffee got set up next to Titty City Smash Burgers, making the county line of refreshments. Friday morning came and the coffee was being poured by 6am, out of pure necessity. If you've ever been primitive camping (no power or water) you know how nice it would be to have a cup of great coffee without having to start a fire, get the percolator going, and sitting and waiting, waiting, waiting.

Throughout the day, people started arriving, and music started in the afternoon. We decided to offer bottomless coffee for the day, and that seemed invaluable for many. 



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