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Dive into the bold flavor symphony of "Shred" by Dead City Coffee, where velvety cocoa, roasted nuts, and a sly hint of subtle brown sugar create a sensory masterpiece. This roast is your midnight snack for champions, a brew meticulously crafted to elevate your late-night indulgences. Picture the luxurious taste of cocoa embracing your palate, the satisfying crunch of roasted nuts, and the subtle sweetness of brown sugar delivering a delightfully harmonious experience. Shred is more than a coffee; it's your companion during those midnight moments, transforming every sip into a victorious sensation. Embrace the indulgence, savor the richness, and let Shred redefine your late-night coffee ritual with its champion-worthy flavor profile.


SIZE: 10oz Bag 


FLAVOR: Cocoa, Roasted Nuts, Brown Sugar

BODY: Medium to Full


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